How to Deal With and Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

A Step by Step Guide

There are some ups and downs in every relationship. Couples tend to have fights that may seem like breakups, but may end up reuniting. There are also times that they split because they have hit rock bottom. Those who are in a strong and stable relationship don’t wish to face the possibility of a breakup. However, there isn’t anything they can do to stop it. But, this doesn’t mean that it is the end.

There are things they can do if they wish to get their ex-girlfriend back in their life. There are certain tricks and tactics that can be employed for getting your ex back. Read on to find a step-by-step guide to this process:

  • First thing you should do is figure out why the breakup happened in the first place. Once you have understood the reason, you are in a better position to approach your girlfriend.
  • Once you have come to realize why the breakup occurred, consider if you want to get back with your ex again. There is a possibility that she was to blame so do you think it’s worth it to make the effort?
  • After you have established a goal, you need to come up with a proper strategy to go about the process of getting your girl back. Desist from contacting her immediately as this will only push her away. Give her some time to calm down enough that she can think from a different perspective.
  • Now it is time to take action. You have given her space and time to help her heal. Now, she needs to see the person she fell in love with. People change over time and you may have done the same. But, you need to show her that you are the same person underneath.
  • It is time for you to make contact. You can start with a harmless text message to test the waters. By harmless messages, it means that you don’t discuss the breakup. Instead, you send something meaningful like words you both used for something etc.
  • Depending on her response, you can devise your next move. Don’t go all typical and try to make her jealous. This may send her the signal that you have moved on she may do the same. Use the direct approach by asking her out, but not for a date. Choose an activity that allows you both to get together without coming off as a date. Use this time to catch up, but let her know you are interested.
  • Be romantic and subtle. Coming off too strongly may scare her away so don’t do that. Show her how much you love and appreciate her with small, meaningful gestures.
  • Get a personality. Don’t be too desperate and available. Find new hobbies, activities and interests. It will boost your confidence and let her see you in a different light. Be positive and strong and she’ll be attracted to you and will come right back in your arms.

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Simple Methods

A lot of guys are of the opinion that it’s impossible to get your ex-girlfriend back. While it may prove to be quite difficult, it is definitely possible, but it will require effort and determination on your part. I thought the same, but that was a mistake because I wasn’t really giving it my best shot. That’s what needs to be done; when you give it your best shot, there isn’t any excuse at all. It is easier said than done and requires some waiting and time and sometimes it can get really tiring, enough that you may want to give up.


However, while you are waiting, there are some things that you need to consider if you are interested in knowing how to get your ex-girlfriend back. Many guys just want to get done with it quickly and put a stop to the ‘pain’ they are feeling at the loss. But, they need to understand that it’s necessary to go the extra mile if they want her back in their life. You need to think about the reasons for the breakup by taking some time. Do you remember why it happened? Did you make her unhappy? Was there another guy involved?

Considering the reasons is important if you want your effort to bear fruit. The second thing to ponder over is the presence of attraction. Mutual attraction plays a major role in every relationship. Therefore, in order to reach your desired goal, you both need to be attracted to each other. Obviously, you find her attractive or you wouldn’t even think about getting back with her. You need to figure out how she feels about you and if she feels the same then your chances of getting back together are quite good. However, there is a huge possibility that her attraction is waning so you need to pump it up a bit so she comes running into your arms.

In my opinion, the compatibility of the individuals can also have an impact on the relationship and your love. I didn’t have any problem in getting along with my girlfriend in the past, which made it easier to get her back. When personalities match, the chances of clash in the future are very limited. Moreover, if you two have a lot in common, then you probably won’t fight so much and break up again. The important thing is to settle your differences the second time around and do things a little differently by keeping in mind the first breakup. If reading isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to reference this Youtube video to get a better understanding on how women/female attract and interact with the male/men gender.

The method of choice is also very important when you want to get your ex back. Pleading and begging are the worst choices along with threats. I would never have been successful if I had gone this route. It’s the timing that plays the most important role and can be the hardest thing to plan. There isn’t a timer that will tell you the perfect time to talk to her. You have to know your girl to choose the right time. If she is anything like mine, she would need some space so you have to resist the urge to call or text. Let her miss you and she’ll be ready to give it another try.


Advance Tips

Getting your ex girlfriend back is not a herculean task; you just need to concentrate on those actions that put you on the ultimate position of power and impel her to believe that you’re the only one who can fulfill her desires and open the floodgates of abundance. Once she ponders this thought, her resistance melts, the tables turn, and she becomes the one who desperately tries to get you back; you become the most expensive prize for her…

Always remember one thing, “She keeps on canvassing your life after leaving you!” Since, her past is connected with you; it just keeps her curiosity regarding your lifestyle, activities, and relationships. In a way, she just wants to see whether leaving you was a good decision, or not… Therefore, you always have a chance to play the best cards; you always have a chance to conquer her and rub her again in a right way…

I’m in a decade long relationship. However, like others, I’ve also encountered this “Ex” thing more than once. But, luckily, I was a voracious reader. And, this thing assisted me a lot to keep her in my life, and make her love me more than her next breath. The books, and real life experiences, taught me that there are certain actions and things which attract a girl on a grand scale, and never allow her to sign the death warrants of relationship. Once you perform these actions, and perceive them well, you become the king, and she becomes the one who worships you with uncontrollable desire. Even if she becomes the “ex”, these specific actions can make her fall at your feet with love, and she would do everything in her power to live her life with you all over again.

So, if you’re baffled by the situation, and desperately wishing to get your ex girlfriend back, I’ve put together three psychological and professional actions that would create unstoppable attraction between you two, and make you appear better from the rest of guys – even better than the guy she’s dating right now. Just follow these actions, and I assure you, you can earn the next-level results within a few days…


Women Desire What Others Desire

Yes! That’s the basic women’s psychology; the more women desire you, the more your woman loves you, and stays intimate with you; you become a desirable object for her, and she wishes to please you all day-to-day…

Have you ever canvassed the lives of superstars? Why are they immensely popular among women? I mean, sometimes, we don’t perceive what’s so special about them, which attract all kinds of women; they’re not that good looking, and some are not even rich. Then, what’s the secret which make women treat them and respect them as a god?

Well, the thing is simple; they’re desired by others, and this thing just keeps on attracting other women. It’s like, on an unconscious level, they just strengthen their social circle, and through their communication and friendly skills, become the life of every party. And, when women see that other people, or women, want to spend time with them (superstars), they feel urge to spend time with them too; they want to taste the popularity; they want to taste the fame. And, this thing just keeps the superstars treasure for everyone, especially for their own girlfriends.

Now, the question is simple. How many people desire you? What about your social circle? Do you have female, or male, friends who love to spend time with you? Are you the need of every party? Just answer and ponder these questions… Once others would start desiring you, you would automatically become a billion-dollar man for your ex.

Show Her a Better Deal

Why would she get you back if you’re a same old guy with the same habits and mentality? Since, this is the guy whom she has left already, why do you think you’ve a chance to win her if you’re the same, and not changed a tad?

Before you approach her, it’s essential to radiate that you’ve improved; you’re better now, and you can offer her better deals in life; when you inject these positive thoughts in her mind, you become a whole new positive person and influence her massively… Now, of course, I’m not saying that you can earn millions of dollars or become a superhero within a few days. However, there are a few things, few sentences, and a few actions that make her believe that you’ve a new blood in your veins. For instance:

“Let her hear from others that your life has improved, and you’re happier than before; let her see that your social circle is more vibrant and active; let her know that you’re earning more than before and continually pursuing your goals successfully.”

These few things are enough to make a dent in her thoughts… Apart from this,

“If you’re in front of her, shower her with positively; compliment her; tell her she’s looking beautiful. And, discuss about your life too. Just let her see that you’re content, but at the same time, you respect her, because you believe that she’s a good girl.”

You would do all this with confidence. In a way, these actions, compliments, and etc. would allow her to see that you’ve changed, but you aren’t begging for attention; you’ve your own life now, and you’ve become a better deal. This sense would utterly change her tone, I assure you, and compel her to speak volumes of love with you; you will feel that change.


Roar like A Lion

This is where most of the men make mistakes. And, this is that thing which can either make or break the relationship. If you wish to attract her, and want to keep her in your life, you must inject a lion’s blood in your veins; she should see that you’re manly man, and living with you is like living with a wild, masculine lion – king of the jungle!

According to my personal experience, the reason of most breakups is lack of masculinity; these days, most men have feminine traits; they’re needy by nature; they’re passive, submissive, and immature; they’ve no desire to dominate, to conquer the world, to live like a lion; they’re just plainly wasting their lives without any passion; they’re treating their women like immature boys, rather than achieving the heights of success and offering the best lifestyle. And, this thing is not allowing their women to spend whole life with them.

Next time, if she’s in front of you, or if you’re communicating with her, you should have a dominant body language; she should feel that you’re there to conquer the world, but you can start your domination from her – in bed; she should feel that she’s talking to a lion, a king, who’s able to keep her like a lioness, like a queen. Once, she feels this type of masculinity, wildness, and power, she wants to get back into the relationship by herself.

Now, it doesn’t mean you should be a muscular man, or sign the death warrants of the UFC for impressing your girlfriend; just show your masculinity through your body-language, through your words, and through your actions; be more mature than her expectations; if she commits a thousand mistakes, forgive her a thousand times, because you’re her protector; it’s your duty to protect her like a man, no matter what. Open gates for her, give her flowers, pay her compliments consistently – but, like a man, a masculine man; love her more than her imagination, but like a man; you should be like the toughest boxer of the world with the most romantic words…

Concluding Thoughts

If you’re that kind of man, that kind of a lion, you can discuss getting-back-together topic as well; you can share your credible desires openly and offer her to hold your hand again. And, when she would see that you’re desired by other people, other women, and you’re a better deal than before, she won’t hesitate to come back. Besides, your dominant and professional nature, like a lion, would already influence her, and attract her on a grand scale; she would prefer to live with you, in order to relish new, wild, and exciting whole life. Good luck and remember to always be patient  :)